Should You
Crown Your Teeth?


By Dr. Shimi

“I am 55 years old, and have had a lot of dentistry done over the years. My dentist is now telling me that I should crown some of my teeth. How do I know if I really need to do this? Thank you.” –D.H.


Thank you for submitting your question. I hope the following explanation will provide some clarity. Dental crowns (also known as caps) have multiple useful functions in preserving strength, while simultaneously cosmetically enhancing existing teeth. What’s important to remember is that in the previous generations adults were losing almost all, if not all their teeth well before the midpoint of their lives. Nowadays, with the introduction of fluoride in toothpaste and drinking water, along with the higher prevalence of preventive dental care, many adults can very well keep their teeth for a life time. Your Dentist is recommending crowns for one of two reasons:


Tooth Esthetics:

As teeth age, many changes occur. The base colour turns more yellow or brown, stains accumulate, they begin to show significant wear, and may by this time have one or more fillings placed on them. This combination leads to unsightly teeth in the smile. A ceramic crown can restore the strength to the tooth, while providing a beautiful appearance along the way. With the new ceramics in modern dentistry, tremendous improvements in your smile are possible in just 2 short visits spanning one week.


Tooth Strength:

As time goes by, teeth show signs of weakness. Again, keep in mind that the current generation is the only one in which most or all the teeth are still in the mouth as the patient ages. Patients can keep these teeth strong for a lifetime but a crown will be necessary to guarantee this. Any tooth in the back of the mouth, which has had root canal treatment, requires a crown to prevent fracture. Also teeth with large silver fillings are significantly weaker as a result, and this weakness only intensifies as the teeth age with the patient. When a tooth with a large filling breaks it often needs to have the nerve treated before it can be repaired, and then it would absolutely need a crown to maintain itself. All too often we see an elderly patient with a hopelessly broken tooth with a large filling, who needs emergency treatment. This occurrence could be avoidable by making the right preventive decisions early on.

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