Invisalign: Straight Teeth with Clear Braces - NOT Metal Ones


By Dr. Shimi

Clear alternative to metal bracesAre you holding back your true self by holding back your smile? Are you not expressing your inner joy because you’re embarrassed by the alignment of your teeth or gaps in your smile? There are now many ways to show your beautiful smile without the need to show metal braces that take away from a full, confident smile. And getting a terrific final result has never been easier.


I would like to introduce you to the concept of Invisalign, which has revolutionized orthodontic treatment for adults. This orthodontic system works, as the name suggests, invisibly to gradually guiding teeth into their proper position in a comfortable and timely manner. Adults who have always wanted to treat themselves to straight teeth without raising attention are thrilled to know they can instead wear clear plastic “aligners”, each with a slightly different shape to get the teeth quickly towards the desired goal.


In addition to being invisible, other advantages of this system include the ability to brush, floss and eat perfectly normally since the aligners are removed during these activities.


I often hear from clients that they are envious of the straight teeth that their children are enjoying after finishing with their braces, and wish that their parents did the same for them. These clients then simply put up with their irregular smiles since they feel that their window for treatment has passed and they know that they don’t want metal braces. I find this situation troubling and love the reaction when presenting them with the Invisalign option.


Patients of all ages can be treated effectively with Invisalign. Some adult patients choose this treatment to finally get the smile they thought they would never have, or to move tilted teeth into their proper place so a dental implant can be placed more effectively. Even though adult patients predominantly pursue Invisalign, certain teenagers can take advantage as well.


I encourage you to discuss Invisalign with your dentist and explore the possibilities of your new smile.

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