Do You Have a
Fear of Dentistry?


By Dr. Shimi

“I have been avoiding going to the dentist because of some negative childhood experiences. I keep hearing that modern dentistry can offer a more gentle and relaxing visit but still cannot bring myself to come in. I can feel that my teeth are in trouble and I already have 2 broken teeth and some chipped fillings. I can also tell that my breath is being affected since I have not had a cleaning in 12 years. How do I get over this fear of coming in for my visit?” -R.F.


Thanks for the question. You are not alone. There are many people in your position who know that they have severe dental issues, but yet cannot shake off their previous negative experiences. Currently, many dental offices strive to provide a relaxing patient visit for people just like you. In this column I will review some advances that can make your dental anxiety a thing of the past.


Predictable & Pain Free Anesthesia:

The reason I hear most often about why patients have stayed away from dental offices is that they still remember the one memory as a child, or even as an adult, when their dentist continued to work on them even though they made it very clear that they were not completely numb. Predictable anesthesia is very easy to achieve nowadays on every dental procedures. With good care your dentist can numb any tooth without you feeling the injection.


Electric Hand Pieces:

The noise of the dental drill is often negatively associated with bad dental memories for a lot of the “dentist avoiders”. Modern electric hand pieces are extremely quiet and when combined with music, comfortable chairs and DVDs provide for a very relaxing dental visit.


Nitrous oxide & sedation:

How does the idea of being very detached from your surrounding while having your dental work performed sound? With the use of Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) or anti-anxiety pills this can be possible for some or all of your dental visits.

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