Cosmetic Dentistry

At our Richmond Hill Dental office, Dr. Shimi has many advanced qualifications in the artistic and scientific principles, resulting in long-term satisfaction and comfort for the patient.


Cosmetic Dentistry consists mostly of Porcelain veneers and metal free Zirconia crowns and bridges. We also employ a laboratory, which understands how to create natural and lifelike teeth that continue to stay beautiful over the years.


Zirconia crowns and Porcelain Veneers can correct almost any problem with the appearance of teeth, restoring teeth to their optimal length, width, color and size. These thin but strong porcelain shells are able to correct a complete range of issues that affect the teeth; such as:


Teeth with Gaps


Crooked and rotated teeth


Misshapen teeth


Cracked or chipped teeth


Overly small teeth


Dark teeth not responding to whitening


At Yonge Smiles dental centre, we are your Richmond Hill Cosmetic Dentistry experts with advanced training and dental credentials ready to deliver the perfect smile that you’ve always envisioned. Dr. Shimi has years of advanced cosmetic training and recognition in Cosmetic Dentistry and combined with his passion and stylistic eye for a beautiful smile, incredible results are always within reach, no matter how challenging the case.


If you are looking for Cosmetic Dentistry in Toronto, Richmond hill, Aurora, Stouffville, Oak Ridges, Thornhill, Vaughan and surrounding areas, make an online appointment or call our office at 905-780-1400 and meet personally with Dr. Shimi to assess what cosmetic porcelain veneers and zirconia crowns can do to enhance the appearance of your current smile or to replace the teeth for a seamless metal free smile.


Your new smile will change your life – it’s something that we see every week.

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Dr. Shimi maintains a general dentistry practice in Richmond Hill with a strong emphasis on Cosmetic Dentistry, Implant Dentistry, Invisalign and All on 4.
Yonge Smiles Dental centre serves clients from Richmond Hill, Oak Ridges, Aurora, Stouffville, Vaughan, Thornhill, and surrounding areas.