Implant Dentistry Case Study:

Multiple missing teeth restored with 4 implants, perfect positioning for a superb result.

"After losing my long span bridge in the bottom left area of my mouth I was unable to chew my foods the way that I used to. Losing one or two teeth can greatly affect chewing, but missing 4 teeth all at once was a big source of stress to me.


I sought Dr. Shimi’s advice about the different options. He reviewed my options with me in great depth and had plenty of time to answer my questions. His use of video animation, models, and showing me some of his previous cases that were very similar to mine really helped me understand my solutions. I wanted the longest lasting result and the most natural feel. Dr. Shimi explained all the options and I made the final decision. It made sense to me that another bridge in is not a good long term option and I could see the limitations that a partial denture would provide. Implants were the only choice in my mind.


Having implants placed by Dr. Shimi has many advantages. Having the same doctor do the surgical and prosthetic aspects of the implant treatment makes me feel more comfortable with the final outcome. The surgical portion was a breeze with the doctor’s great care and the final results are outstanding. I can finally chew again and I know the results will last." - Anthony



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