What are: Teeth in a Day,
Same Day Teeth, All on 4?

At our Richmond hill dental implant centre, Dr. Shimi is one of the few implant dentists in Canada who performs BOTH the Surgical and Prosthetic component of a procedure where the patient leaves with a FIXED set of screw retained teeth on the SAME day that the implants are placed.


This procedure is referred to as “Teeth in a day”, “Same day teeth” or commonly as the “All on 4”.  The satisfaction rate on such cases is incredible as the patient can go from many decades of being able to chew nothing properly to immediately biting into an apple with completely fixed teeth within the span of a few hours.


Ask us about whether the “Teeth in a day” / "All on 4" concept is an option that is suitable for you.  Your Richmond Hill Implant Dentist, Dr. Shimi and his team of lab technicians have extensive training, credentials and experience in providing this incredible treatment. This expertise makes for a comfortable and predictable patient experience.


Yonge Smiles Dental Implant Center can help you, If you are :


  About to lose your teeth


  Have broken teeth or hopeless teeth


  Have loose teeth from advanced gum and bone disease


  Frustrated with wearing loose dentures


  Embarrassed to smile with your current teeth or dentures


  Tolerating your teeth now but are worried of where you’ll be with
     those teeth in 5 -15 years from now


  Seeing that your face is caving in because of bone loss ongoing in your jaws




Bone Loss after tooth loss - Dental Implants needed


Book a complimentary consultation to meet personally with your implant dentist, Dr. Shimi, to evaluate the current state of your mouth, and see the exciting improvements “Teeth in a day” can bring to your life.  You CAN really change your life in ONE DAY with implant dentistry at Yonge Smiles Dental Centre. If you are looking for a dental implant focused dental office in Toronto, Richmond hill, Aurora, Stouffville, Oak Ridges, Thornhill, Vaughan and surrounding areas, make an online appointment or call our office at 905-780-1400.

Facial appearance with healthy teeth and bones

Appearance after

tooth and bone loss

Appearance after

tooth loss

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Dr. Shimi maintains a general dentistry practice in Richmond Hill with a strong emphasis on Cosmetic Dentistry, Implant Dentistry, Invisalign and All on 4. Yonge Smiles Dental centre serves clients from Richmond Hill, Oak Ridges, Aurora, Stouffville, Vaughan, Thornhill, and surrounding areas.